What if a guy isn't rich by any means but he dresses the part?

What if a guy doesn't make a lot of money, but he dresses in classy shirts and clothes a lot? Will it give women the impression that he's still a very successful guy? I will always work towards being as successful as possible, but I realize that it takes time to get there and everything. I still want women to think the best of me and find me attractive.

Do you think it's helpful for a guy to dress up nice and look important even if he isn't exactly the top dog? Or do you view this as him being fake in a way, like a woman that wears too much make up and hiding who she really is? Or am I just reading too much into it at this point? Thanks!


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  • Your reading too much into it.

    Dress how you want. I know several people who wear expensive labels, and they don't have jobs at all. Just save up their money to afford it.

    Your not fake for having finer taste. I have finer taste too and like to look nice and have nice things. I just save up to buy them :)

    • Yes but I also have finer tastes in women also, hence the nice clothes and the way I wish to present myself. Is that alright too? I just hope a woman would never leave me or overlook me because I didn't bring home a big enough paycheck every pay-period. As I said, still working towards where I want to be, but just thinking ahead :)

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    • yep yep best of luck to ya :D

    • Thanks, and same to you!

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  • It is helpful and will definitely give a good impression

  • It's nice that you care to dress nice. I wouldn't view it as fake at all.


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