Does my style attract the wrong kind of guys for me?

so all my friends have really nice boyfriends that are a bit protective and I think that's cute. but then these friends wear dresses and are very soft (as in feminine) apart from the fact that they use vulgar language and squeal a lot when they talk -.-

now I'm the complete opposite, I love dresses but I don't know where to wear them so I don't (I hate clubs, I don't drink or smoke...) anyway I like the rocker style, as in ripped jeans and and hoodies and a pair of knee high converse. I never ever reveal too much skin...ever! I have no piercings apart from the ear ones and I have long black wavy hair

and pale skin, and I'm slim. oh and I play the guitar.

so is it maybe my image that I don't attract my type of guys? because I'm really very nice and friendly and I love kids and animals... and heights.


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  • You are in a tough spot, Missy. I feel for you. You sound like a wonderful young woman, & I don't think you should change into "Miss Priss."

    That said, with your style, you are going to attract the kind of guys that you are attracting. But that could be just where you are meeting them too. IDK. So, I think you should keep your style, you are who you are, you have to feel that. You can, however, tone it down somewhat when you know you are going out with friends & you think you might be meeting someone. It is up to you what "tone it down" means...Certainly not dress like your friends at all. I am sure that you can find dresses that are "you," that you can rock.

    Also, think about where guys that you would like would be hanging out. Or better yet. If you like these nice, caring men that your friends are with, talk with them and see if they have some friends that they might introduce you to. It is certainly clear to them & your friends that you are a very nice & friendly woman, so they would be able to relay this to their buddies & set you up. Maybe?

    It will happen. Be patient. Good luck to you.

    • thanks so much! really helpful answer :)

      the only thing is I don't really trust my friends because it's not the first time they left me out or begged me to go somewhere and ditched me to go with their boyfriends leaving me all alone. and also their bf's friends are way too dirty minded and anti-social and you do not want me to go on :p

      i'll try make some new friends though. I'm working on it.

    • Thanks for B.A, I know what you mean about new friends, sometimes it's good to branch out & make new ones. Keep the old too, but it helps to always make new. It shows growth in you. And you sound more together than they do. Hang in there, you will come into your own very soon. Be happy :D

    • awwwh thanks :) and no problem.

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  • Most guys go for flashy girls at your age, as you know. Only guys with some senseand insight will want to know you. That's a GOOD thing!

  • Yu sound like an amazing girl ... so don't ever change who you are. It most likely the fact that our world is appearance driven, and you dress way down, like a young bum might.

    Guys don't like it when their girl gets hit on, but they don't enjoy being ashamed to take places either. A little bit of girlish in your wardrobe will go a long way ...

  • You should definitely change clothes. Those scream "issue girl" from a mile away.

    If all your friends wear dresses and you arrive dressed like a lumberjack in the scene, then no guy will look at you.

    • i know I said rocker style but that's only the ripped jeans... then I wear a hoodie or casual top and sometimes maybe something girl (but never pink)... but I guess I could wear something more feminine... not really changing my style though because I like it.

    • Unless a miracle occurs, you can't have it all. Your style or a good guy. Up to you to choose.

  • You just need guys who prefer the rocker chick. Feminine girls, like your friends just like to feel girlie instead of tomboyish, that's just their thing and their boyfriends are attracted to it. You WILL find a guy who's attracted to your rocker chick style, I promise you


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  • Girl keep being how you are, you will find a guy that likes you for YOU