How can I look older?

I was looking through some pictures yesterday, and I realized I look almost exactly the same as I did freshman year, and I'm a junior! What can I do to make myself look older?


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  • do a subtle makeover!

    if your hair is long, chop it off to the jaw and get some cute layers and bangs.

    if it's short, add some layers or dye it to a richer version of your hair color.

    if you wear a lot of dark makeup, change it up and wear it more youtube for MakeupTutorials4U, her name is diane and she's brilliant.

    if you don't wear makeup, add a little brown eyeliner to the top lashes, bronzer, and lip balm to polish yourself a little.

    switch from faded flare jeans to a darker wash in a boot cut or skinny.

    wear more structured shirts, like blouses (look at,, or to see what I mean) instead of tshirts.

    switch from sneakers to ballet flats.

    stand up straight and smile, gorgeous!


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  • Chances are you look older than you realize. I mean really it has only been at most two years. Which is not a lot of time to look that different. You may not see the changes that other people see. I know when I was a junior I knew I had changed but sometimes I just couldn't see it. A lot of it is a state of mind and how you carry yourself. I am sure people don't confuse for a freshman.

  • y do you want to look older?


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  • Uhh! I don't want to look older and older. I want to stay youth and teenager:-)