Weight gain question?

I have a very slight build. I have been working out daily at school in my peak performance class (it's like an extreme gym class). However, lately I've been gaining weight. And it's not muscle weight because I've been reversing in my physical looks. My once toned stomach and legs have gotten slightly less toned. This is confusing me because one would think I'd be getting more in shape. It'd be different if it were muscle weight, but it's not. And I have been eating healthy so nothing has changed in my diet since I started working out. For a while I was getting slimmer and more toned, but this past two weeks I've been getting weight back. I'm confused. Any ideas?


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  • Simple, too many desserts and'or alcohol. No matter how much yoou work out, you have to manage yur diet fairly carefully!

    • I don't eat desert and I don't drink. I eat very healthily. I don't eat a lot. I'm just really confused. And I know about muscle confusion so I change up my workout every few days and such...so now I'm confused.

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    • There have to be too many calories in there somewhere, you can't gain weight from stress!

    • The only honest answer!

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  • Take a look in any change in your diet. And sometimes there is a plateu people hit when trying to lose weight. Continue doing what's healthy and you will be fine.

    • I'm not trying to lose weight. Just maintain my figure. Simply not gain weight. I'm content where I was and now am confused as to why it's going backwards.

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