Do pretty women/handsome guys turn you off?

Do pretty women/handsome guys turn you off? I'd keep away from them. As a friend once said, pretty women (and I'm sure this is true of handsome guys as well) are too swollen headed. They are used to getting a lot of attention, being treated royally due to their looks, and probably also making use of people. I find some of the simple-looking folk are the best around. They reward you (usually, not always, but more likely than not) with friendship, loyalty and decent behavior ... they are also not usually high maintenance! Do you agree?


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  • Depends on the pretty / handsome person.

    There are a fair amount of pretty people who are actual still genuine - however, they do have their high maintenance bitchy counter parts.

    I stay away from those one's, and yes his raging I'm hotter than god ego is a major turn off.

    However, character can't always be judged by looks; simple - looking folk are still the murderers, theives, back stabbers, bad friends, foul attitude, f*** you over people.

    What's worse is there are simple - looking folk who get all insecure about being simple looking and starve themselves, take it out on other people, make dumb decisions to cope with the depression their feeling.


    Best lesson I ever learned was to distinguish the bad people from the good people.

    Pretty or not...

    • The point is, the good lookers have the world falling at their feet. So this DOES change their attitude towards others, wouldn't you agree?

    • I'm sure it does. Just to what degree is what really matters.

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  • I'm not a big fan of the "beautiful" people. There are exceptions, but most of them are dumb, have 0 culture, and are incredibly superficial, since they can get whoever they want just by snapping fingers.