A question about clothing catalogs?

I was flipping through a women's lingerie catalog yesterday (don't judge) and it occurred to me that they really don't show you all of the views that I think you'd want to see to figure out how an article would REALLY look or enhance your looks. For example, you usually only get a front view of the underwear--particularly thongs or g-strings, when you'd think it would matter to a girl how exactly it may look from behind. Or, with some of the semi see-through or see through bras and tops, the models cover up so you don't really see HOW see through it is. Anyone else find this strange?


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  • Not really. Everyone knows what a thong looks like behind lol, some thongs have a bit of extra fabric on top, but it will tell you that in the description. Girls covering up the semi - see through implies the nipples are visible. They want the reader to focus on the clothing article itself, not the body of the model wearing it.

    • Well, that's not really true. Thongs still look different from the back. And my point about the see through is that I'd think you'd want to know HOW see through the fabric is, so it'd be good to see how much of the nipples are visible. Or if the cup is low, how much of the nipple or areola peeks out over the top.

      As to the "focus on the clothes not the body of the model" I think the entire Victoria Secret ad strategy would disagree with you. . .

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    • I dunno. People must be served well enough if the company is getting orders in. That's all that matters. Until society makes a huge shift that showing nipples is not provocative in any way, or companies start getting enough complaints then I'm sure it will change.

    • I guess so. I'll bet that lingerie catalogues will get a lot better over the next 10 years. Here's hoping--for all of our sakes!

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  • All lingerie catalouges I've ever looked at they do show you a back view of underwear.

    In terms of see-though stuff, covered up or not, you get a pretty good idea of what it'll look like and how much will be visible.

    • Really? Which catalogues?

      And I do think that not covered up works a whole lot better.

  • The point is for the models just to look good so its eye appealing

    • I agree, but it'd probably look even more appealing if they showed you all the views.

  • I don't find it strange, I find it annoying, but I could see why... don't want people checking it out in that sense lol

    • You're right. Annoying is probably the better term!

    • With your response up there ^ I agree, do you know how many sources one has to go through to find out how much is visible?! -______- it's a huge hassle! They could at least give a description or let us know they covered it up or edited it out or something. You've made very good points and I agree with them all.

    • Thanks. I know for my "recreational" browsing it's annoying, but then I got to thinking about how women like to see every last detail to know how something will look on them and it got me thinking that they may not like it either. I've seen how much time a girl trying on jeans will spend with her head turned around starring at her ass in the mirror. I doubt her approach is, "I know what the back of jeans look like! LOL!

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