Are guys ever attracted to girls with a fuller figure?

By a full figure, I mean like Kelly Osbourne/America Ferrara (before they lost weight; that awkward size between average and chubby).

I'm curious to know if guys find girls like this unattractive? I know some people like 'big girls' and some people like 'petite girls' but to those who don't have a specific preference, what's your take?

I have a friend who's on the chubby side, and she has the greatest personality (and I'm not just saying that because I'm her friend), but guys don't tend to flirt with her. I don't know how to cheer her up because I'm on the thin side (and I don't want to sound like a hypocrite). Any words of encouragement for her?


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  • Kelly Osbourne is way too big IMO.

    I like girls on the thin side typically but have found slightly thicker girls attractive.

    I would suggest to your friend to really just ignore the guys who don't want her. It took me a while before I accepted myself and I'm happier for it.


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  • Kelly Osbourne is the ugliest transvestite you could have used for an example. America Ferrera has a hot body though.

    • I wasn't really trying to solicit personal reactions to the celebrities themselves--I'm just talking about their body type. But thanks for your input.

  • chubby isn't always bad. it depends on her face and what she looks like naked. I've seen bigger girls that I would definitely get with, but usually I'm not too interested.

  • Absolutely. I can be attracted to women with lots of different body types.

    • Do you have any words of encouragement I can give to my friend? :S

      And thanks for taking the time answer!

  • I'm not, I always take that as foreshadowing future obesity to be honest. Slightly heavy girls in high school could turn out to be cows at 35 and married, could be in their genes..

  • Yeah I'm totally down!

    I kinda get insecure sometimes because I'm a tall and skinny dude so I wouldn't want her to feel 'fuller' with me.

    • By 'down' do you mean 'down with it' as in you'd be okay with it? XD

      Or 'down' as in 'no?'

      Thanks for answering!

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    • Aw, that's sweet XD

      Well, I'll be sure to let my friend know there are guys like you out there!

      Thanks again for answering!

    • I'm a good guy

      So I need a lot of girl to love (:

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  • I have a friend around that weight and she has a boyfriend who I know finds her very sexy, so I think there are guys that like a fuller figure, definetely

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