Why do people completely give up on their appearance?

You know those people with the horribly outdated hairstyles from the 80's ...or the people with the really out of date/odd clothing?

Do you ever see these people and wonder how they don't know they look bad?

Like how can they not know they are looking bad and need to update. They see magazine covers, TV shows, and all regular people in the "real world" who still look more up to date...so why don't they try to progress with the times?

Do you know anyone like this?

Ppl can choose to comment as if this question is shallow or that they nvr think about this, but I would really like to observe your true life reactions when you see a 40 year old woman wearing a tweety bird shirt, crocs, pajama bottoms,+ a mullet. This isn't about people needing to buy high fashion. It's about people who don't give a damn to look like a slob+therefore resist the norms of society. I buy clothes at Walmart sometimes. There's nice equally cheap stuff there. So why buy the tweety bird shirt?


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  • those are the ones I call grey people ^-^

    (people that doesn't care

    about the details in their life anymore)


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  • There are two ways you can look at this. Maybe they are much wiser than the rest of us. Maybe they don't want to be caught up in the rat race of the media. They see western civilization keeping up with the Joneses and think it is unimportant and have much different priorities. I actually envy them. I am too vain and I dress well and I like a well dressed woman that knows how to do her hair and make-up(not really a fan of a lot of make-up anyway). Imagine a world where people did not judge by the brand of their shoes? Imagine a poor person that dresses poorly being treated with just as much respect as someone wearing Chanel and wearing Hermes perfume?

    The other way you can view this is from a fashion and trendy perspective. You see a person dressed in Lee jeans and a drab hair doo and think what a loser and how come they don't care about what they look like-I would never go out looking like that. People have different tastes also and some people think they actually look good for the times and have no fashion sense. I think they are probably ridiculed more because they are at least trying more than the people that don't even car. They must be such losers because they have not seen the new fashion on such great show like the Jersey Shore, The Kardashians, or whatever housewives. How dare they be so stupid and ugly?

    Maybe this is what is wrong with society? We care so much about the bling bling and not what is in a persons heart. We care so much about having the coolest phone, shoes, perfume, jeans etc when in actuality when we die someone that we normally would never ask for fashion sense will be picking out the outfit for our funeral. Life is short. Maybe we don't know at all what is and isn't important in life. But hey what do I know?

  • A lot of people don't care what is 'in' and are indifferent to what the fashon conscious people think they look like..they hang out with people who have that same attitude. They think the fashion conscious eople are superficial and immature, and wonder how they can not know that they look like imitation supermodels.

  • Most people do not change with 'fashion'. What is cool when they are teens defines what seems cool to them forever.


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  • They don't care as much - some are just genuinely non - chalant about it, others don't bother because they don't think it will make a difference anyway =

    I've had several friends who could be really attractive, but never tried. They'd talk about boys and mention how they don't think they could get a guy - I'm like pssh, you actually wear something that flatters you and do your hair, knockout.

    I always was met with the " I want him to like me for my personality not my looks."

    That's great and all...

    In a world where looks didn't remotely matter.

    But that's not our world, we're visual creatures and respond to visual cues in the opposite gender - for personal and biological reasons as well.

    Unless your face is full of make - up, your not going to look incredibly different - meaning, he's going to think your attractive regardless.

    People consider clothes and your demeanor - if you walk around in super baggy clothes, keep to yourself; you don't really give off a, " hey come talk to me, I'm a great person underneath all this isolation :D"

    People will think your uncomfortable in your own skin, maybe not super friendly or feminine enough - that you overall just don't care, and worse - you look bland and disappear into the crowd.

    You don't have to go all diva, but how you dress / look reflects a lot about who you are. People don't know how intelligent, funny, cool you may be - you don't wear your brain or spirit on the outside of your body. They get their hints from how you appeal physically.

    We make up a lot of interesting cases as to why we don't ever fully embrace who we are - but there comes a time when we get sick of making excuses for ourselves.

  • maybe because they don't care? everyone is their own individual and like what they like and maybe they don't want to look like the people on magazine covers and television shows.

  • Lol those people probably do realize they look what you would say is "bad", they just don't care. Not everyone cares how they appear to strangers

  • I don't think those people care about fashion the way everyone else does

  • Because some people have a mind of their own and they like to follow it, something many other people should try. Not saying everyone who is up to date aren't going with want they want but most people just follow everyone else just like with the whole tanning thing, it's really sad how desperate people are to fit in.

    • Because they they tweety bird t-shirt that's why as I said they are going with what they like and not what others like. It's called having a mind of your own same with the hairstyle but the whole pj bottoms are little lazy but hey what do I care it's not affecting me in any way.

    • Oops was meant to say *because they like the tweety bird t-shirt*

    • Down voted? Looks as tho I touched a nerve lol.