What do you think I should do for my everyday makeup?

okay so latley I wear foundation, I curl my lashes and put mascara on then I put white eye liner in the corner of my eyes.

or I use black eyeliner and put it on my top and bottom water line like in my display picture.

sometimes I add some color like blue or purple or brown

if you have any ideas of what I should do for makeup please say

and please don't say you shouldn't be wearing makeup I can do what I want it makes me feel confident.


I have Dark greyish blue eyes

Pale skin



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  • For daily make-up that sounds about right.

    Maybe a little bit of blush or bronzer to add some color to your face; and look at that photo, a little less eyeliner, or use a lighter brown instead of black.

    Your eyebrows are real light, and it makes them look even more so.

    So either less eyeliner - or do your eyebrows too - but you start doing that and you risk the daytime look becoming too much.


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  • I'm pretty old school, but a girl with decent, classy red lipstick looks pretty good.

    • Yeah I can't wear red lipstick it doesn't suit me plus will get told off at school but thanks for the tip :)

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  • If you want to make your eyes look bigger and brighter, I would say don't put any eyeliner on the bottom of your eye, as that makes the eye look smaller and darker. Also, since you have fairly light eyebrows you might want to try a brown eyeliner and brown mascara. They will complement your overall look better and appear more natural.

  • I do exactly the same makeup as you everyday, minus the eyeliner because it doesn't suit my eyes. To appear fresh, with glowing skin you could add some blush. :)

    Sometimes I wear blush and I notice that I appear 'happier' haha

  • I would say don't use the eyeliner and focus a lot on your lashes, and add some blush. I noticed when I stopped using eyeliner and made my lashes look longer and darker I got a lot of comments on my eyes.

  • No black liner on the bottom waterline, it seems too dark because it makes your eyebrows appear too light and those frame your face.