Question about chef pants

I boaght a pair of large black chef pants from amazon for college and I don't know if they are meant to be like this but they are tight around the back, the stomach and underneeth and when I bend down it just strains, it's OK on the legs as the bottom of my legs are thinner from my knee to my anckle but the rest is tight, I think chef pants are meant to be more baggy though and not tight like that. What do you advise? that I exchange for a pair of XL instead?, I'm such a fat ass that I can't fit in a pair of large chef pants haha.


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  • Can you easily remove the pants? Do they feel like normal pants you wear? If you're uncomfortable in them then I definitely suggest you get the larger size. A restaurant kitchen can get VERY hot. Also, you want them somewhat baggy so you can take them off easily if you were to spill something hot on yourself/catch on fire.

    • It's harder to get them off from the butt to above the knee like id bend down and it be tight on my bum and stomach and strain as I'm a chubby person, I have thinner legs from my knees to my anckles though so it's baggy there but the rest it's just tight.

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    • No I couldn't do anything but make toast, pasta, noodles, fried and boiled egg, scrambled egg and sandwiches before lol I guess not bad for a starter but that's easy, I started late in Jan for a cooking to be independant course and so far I'm mostly liking it esept for how tired and warm I get lol, indeed it gets very warm due to the high heat cookers and dehydrated quickly, now though I can make muffins, pies, chocolate e-claires, soups, casroles, quieches, cheese cakes and fry stuff :D

    • I agree though I don't want them tight like that or they might rip when I bend down, how embarracing would that be? ha ha ^_^.