Should I tan even if I have a brown skin tone?

I have a medium dark skin tone. My skin is light brown and even though it sounds tanned enough, it isn't. I was wondering if it'll be okay for me to tan during this up coming summer even if I am not white, or in other words, don't have a light color skin tone. I just like being dark and I've always figured tanning as one of my option. I want that "nice glow" everyone talks about. Should I tan? Has anyone else with a darker skin tone tanned before? If so, did it go alright? or did you regret the whole experience?


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  • Hrmm..well of course sun tans aren't good for your skin etc etc blah blah blah.

    All that aside, I'm black and I used to tan..still would if I ever started making my way to the beach again. I loved it cause it gave me this really pretty bronze glow to my the risk of sounding conceited, it gave me a gorgeous complexion and I got a lot of compliments, plus I have stretch marks and tanning made them invisible. Loved the tan lines too...was really sexy for some reason.

    Now that I don't purposely tan though, I wear sunblock cause I don't want to end up with a "farmers tan" from my shirts and straps on my dresses...something I didn't have to worry about too much before. Plus its better for me I guess...


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  • I once had a friend that would tan too much! Didn't look good, made her look really dark. And she was a really attractive girl, but with how dark she was, didn't make her look that good anymore. So be careful, cause over tan isn't attractive to some guys, they talk. lol


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  • If you really want to I don't see the problem, you are thinking too much about it! Go tanning for a little while and see how it looks when your skin gets darker, if you like it or not. Ask your friends honest opinions on it. Also, if you are already brown you are kinda lucky, so you probably don't REALLY have to tan unless you absolutely want to. Just remember, that you can get cancer much easier from tanning beds than from the sun. Be careful!

  • omg you are incredibly lucky that you have a natrual colour!

    im the typical, blonde hair, fair girl, and it sucks!

    so yeah, don't ruin your skin, when there is nothing wrong with it.