My somewhat friend/acquaintance was talking to my crush and they were...

jokingly playing the "rate this girl's looks" game (lame, I know). so they were playing and she said my name and he refused to give me a "number". all he said was "she's sweet".

What does that mean? I don't think he was concerned about me finding out what he said...


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  • well he either likes you back and is embarrassed to tell you, or he thinks you're not that good looking.

    He probably felt like he was in the "spotlight" so He played it cool by keeping it a mistery. lol


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  • Previous answerer is right.

    He either likes you and isn't ready to tell you or he didn't want to be mean and give you a low number. Or maybe he knows that you have a crush on him and didn't want to encourage you?

    I think guys, if they thought you were decent looking but weren't really interested, would give a neutral number. They probably wouldn't give you a low number if you were right there in front of them.

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