Clothing tips for a guy in summer?

Soo I pretty much suck at it when it comes to fashion stuffs-.- xD So I just need some "what to wear,how to wear" tips:-D Thanks


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  • For starters: Please don't wear deep v neck shirts, or skin tight pants.

    That HAD to be stated. I'm sorry, but just because gay men dominate the fashion industry, they have no right to influence the heteros in dressing up like a girl.

    Summers are all about bright colors that don't absorb infra red radiation (black-er colors do). Whites and blues are a must on the color palette and they look very good on guys. Especially if you are Caucasian. Think about simple cotton tee shirts that you could always mix and match without them looking old or boring (most graphic tee shirts lose their charm after a season).

    For patterns, stripes, especially vertical that make you look taller work out great on shirts. Every guy should have around 2-3 good pairs of jeans. One they classic blue jeans, one a little deeper and one almost blackish blue, is a very safe choice.

    For cuts, since you seem in shape, try 'slim fit' clothing such as that available on Levis. It isn't skin fit, but it accentuates the shape of your body. Same is with trousers and khaki shorts. Don't have them too loose, they look very shabby.

    Lots of pairs of ankle socks that don't have you sweating all over like the longer ones, with one or two quality pair of sneakers (canvas in light weight and airy).

    I have the fourth pair of these:


    I think its the safest cheapest comfiest option out there, never goes out of fashion and suits literally EVERYTHING. Even swimming trunks lol

    You can easily sport a decent looking pair of sandals too. Puma or skechers kind etc

    Buy a good pair of shades, Ray Ban is fine. I think generally every guy should own at least one very good watch. Honestly, just one will last you like forever if its really good.

    Also, cotton trousers of cool colors are VERY in this season. Instead of denim jeans, you can always choose trendy looking slim fit parrot green, royal blue, deep red, white trousers etc.

    I think to compliment clothing, you should take lots of care of your skin and keep your hair in good shape. Buy a nice facewash if you don't use one already, its great for use in summers.

    So yeah, I think summers are all about minimal looking, vibrant colors, simple sophisticated lines and cuts and good windy materials that keep you looking fresh and do justice to your body. You can never have a fashion disaster this way and minimal is ALWAYS better.

    I have also tried to give you the cheapest yet easiest way of achieving the best possible look that you can easily get done, so I don't think you have to spend too much. If you take care of these clothes, they're so simple, they can't possibly go out of fashion for any summer season to come either.

    Thats all I could think of for a moment lol

    Hope this answers your question.

    • Holy f***! I get so carried away with clothing based questions :P

    • Yeh bruh holy f***:-D BA no doubt lol and damn all that sh*t is stored in my brain now xP

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  • Nordstrom rack and armani outlet mall that sh*t all summer long, hit up,

  • So that's why you don't have a shirt on!