How do you get the soap scent to stick to your skin?

Whenever I walk passed some girls and even some guys I can smell the soap on their skin. It is not perfume or cologne because it smells soapy.

For me the soap scent goes away in like less than an hour. How do I get it to stick?

Please don't suggest perfume because I don't like it.


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  • The probability is high that you may smell like soap without you even realizing it .. Anyway I don't like the smell of soap honestly, I like the shampoo smell more.. so I just grab a small part of it and mix it with a lot of water.. and spray it every once in a while, smells really fresh , like I just got out of the shower :)

    • Hmm, that's not a bad idea.

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    • No because you don't put a lot of it :D , I only put the amount of almond , in half litre of does foam up in the bottle when you shake it , but I never had problems with it while spraying .. if your hair is extreeeeeemely fine and thin then def. avoid spraying it nair the hair.. But you can substitute the shampoo with your fav. scented oil .. or my mom does it with mint tea :D .. there many possibilities..

    • That's an amazing idea!

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  • leaving soap on your skin isn't good for it,if you want,spray some of it diluted with water-but only on your clothes-tho,that might leave marks on them.

    • I rinse it off. I assume most other people rinse it off too but they still have a soapy fresh scent that I can smell just walking by them.

    • well it's good that you can't sense yours-it means that you skin is clean and that the chemicals got washed away.

  • Within the hour, your nose is just getting used to the smell. Same goes for people who don't seem to realize that they have B.O. They're used to their own smell, so they don't realize it until someone saying "Use deodorant?"

    the shampoo idea is a good one too if you did want to try spraying something. You might end up not being able to smell it later on too though, because once again you get used to your own scent. Good luck on that. :)