Girls: Can only the eye contact mean you like someone?

Questions covers it.


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  • To a girl, eye contact can definitely mean a lot. We are emotional or at least most of us are and we tend to express emotion through our eyes. When a girl likes you, you will be able to see it in her eyes and in how she looks at you. You will probably just know. So to answer your question, yes eye contact can be a huge sign of interest, but its not just about the eye contact. Its about the WAY she makes eye contact and how she looks at you.


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  • very possibly, especially if it's for more than a few seconds. however, sometimes when I suspect that a guy is checking me out, no matter how attractive I find him, I tend to look at him too. though it's more likely if I also find him attractive.

  • yes. trust me on this. if the person you like stares at you a lot then they probably like you.

    why eles would they look at you like that? now if it's just a glance every now and then it migh not be as strong as someone who constantly looks. but to answer your question. yes.

  • definitely,

    unless they give you a dirty look when staring, obviously.

    • Simple, yet good, lol

  • If it's only eye contact and nothing else, it could mean that she recognizes you, thinks you look good, etc.


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  • hi

    since I have a wide knowledge about women and their behavior I thought I could help you .Okay, think about what is the initial contact isn't it through the eye. You just don't start liking a woman by the tone of her voice because you heard it over the phone or on the subway or wherever, It's by her looks than by her personality. The question is, do you truly like a woman When you first see her?Or do you start truly liking her once she notices you. Well, once she notices you that's when you have made the first contact. For example, say you are in college hall, and you notice this very fine looking woman that you might be interested in. So, the first day, she didn't notice you. So you take the same route the next day and you wait then you see her again or a woman that you thought would be more interesting or would be your type. Than You think to yourself okay, today I will approach her right. That's what runs through any man's head when he sees a woman he likes and didn't take advantage of it the first time he saw her. Or maybe he knows he won't see her again or just didn't take advantage of the first moment. So you start walking towards her, what are you doing while you're walking towards her aren't you looking right at her. There is where it gets tricky, has she noticed that your walking towards her (to approach her). Or are you just another guy walking through college hall. (you're probably thinking this dude isn't making much sense, right. So you're asking yourself " what if she didn't notice me at all not even while I'm walking up to her or maybe she's given her back to me and can't see me.")Even if she didn't notice you while you're walking up to her or even if she's given her back to you. Once you have walked to her, and now you have reached her personal space. She then will have to notices you and that is when the initial eye contact happens. Right at that moment, that woman has already made up her mind whether she likes you or not.(the reasons why don't matter. But the thing is you can't give her a reason not to like you. Maybe the first time you were walking through college hall she didn't notice you because you weren't dressed nice or your hair wasn't intouch or what ever. Women tend to block out things or people from their brain that they are not interested in. like men who don't take care of their hair or men who don't care about the way they dress and have bad hygiene these are the most common.)If she doesn't like you, she will show no interest in you and will most likely ignore you at first then she'll reject you politely. If she does like you, she will be open to have a conversation with you and to give you her number.

    Hope I helped and again I know this was intended for the women, so if you don't like my answer in any way or you feel it's irrelevant please ignore it ;-)as for the woman that read this if you feel that I'm wrong in any way or any of what I have said please correct me I would very much appreciate it

    thank you

    • I do agree with a lot of what you said, however this part... "If she doesn't like you, she will show no interest in you and will most likely ignore you at first then she'll reject you politely. If she does like you, she will be open to have a conversation with you and to give you her number." isn't always true.

      I'm shy, and sometimes unintentionally ignore a guy I like, and I'd be too scared to ask for his number unless I was sure there was some feeling there.

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    • Haha, you must of had an awful experience to think like that...

    • Yes I did wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy