What hairstyle should she use?

My little sister's 8th grade dance is coming up, and she wants to have a nice hairstyle. Her hair comes down to her shoulders and is light brown. Any suggestions? Oh and she's not a real girly-girl and it's just a middle school dance, so nothing to crazy. Thanks :)

The 'theme' is Masquerade and I don'y know if this helps, but this is her dress link


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  • Something really easy and simple would be if you take her hair and put it in a half ponytail, twist it into a mini bun(or you could pull it through itself- link or take a piece of hair and wrap it around so it would hide the hairband- link ) then you can curl the rest of her hair with a flat iron or curling iron(:

    It'd look something like this- link

    Hope it helped(:

  • Hmm, I think it depends on the style of dance she's doing - at least for me and the recitals I've been in for dance you have to wear the same as everyone else.

    Maybe just straighten it for her or do messy curls.

    • @Update pretty dress.

      I'd probably still go with one of the ones I said, I'm sure anything will look good though.

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