How do you dress when you want attention/to date, and how do you dress when you don't?

Question for guys and girls.

Also, what do you think your gender of interest dresses when they want attention and when they just want to be left alone?


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  • For getting attention you should wear something that emphasizes your assets so like if your muscular a tight shirt or a color that compliments your eyes. To not get attention basically just do the opposite. Wear dull colors. A big key to both is also your facial expressions. Make sure you show what your feeling.

  • In all honesty I don't really notice guys more or less based on what they are wearing...although I must say suits are very attractive to me. And I guess sweaty gym clothes would make me turned off.

    For me? When I don't want to be noticed I will wear sweatpants or yoga pants and maybe even no makeup and/or my hair up.

    Outfit, depends on where I am going. I will be more likely to wear a skirt if I do want to be noticed.


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