Big girls in small clothes while small girls are in big clothes.....

Do you think it's okay how some bbw's wear scanty revealing bikinis at the beach and tight too small clothes proudly. While girls that are average and smaller wear bigger clothes because they're self conscious? I've seen some gorgeous girls hide themselves because of their minor flaws while some bigger girls expose all when their bodies really can't afford it. Do you think both groups need reality checks or should people carry on with what they're wearing?


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  • so you're basically saying that only skinny beautiful people are entitled to feel good and show off their bodies?

    people should just wear whatever they feel comfortable in... it's really none of your business if a plus size girl feels confident wearing form fitting clothing or if a petite girl chooses to cover up.

    • What you're talking about is formfitting. What I'm talking about is when plus size women wear clothes where their ass crack is spilling out, the clothes is so short you can see their privates, tops that are so low you can see half their bra. Essentially clothes that are 10 sizes too small and built for different occasions (ie wearing miniskirts in the middle of winter).

    • no one should wear clothes like that big or small, so why are you even bringing size into it?

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  • Why are you anonymous and not allowing anonymous answers?

    Anyway I think skinny girls who wear big clothes, don't like to be called sluts because of jealous "big" girls.

    I think fat girls try to wear small clothes because they just don't want to feel like they can't. Confident in what they wear, no matter what it is


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  • if a girl feels proud of her body and wants to show it off-let her. if a girl doesn't want to show her body-so what? it's a matter of personal choice.

  • I don't think it's OK for anyone to wear scanty/exposing clothing (I'm talking bout mini skirts and fishnet tops etc.).. I don't mind the occasional crop-top with jeans but don't over do it. Basically all girls have some sort of insecurity about their body, which is sad.. so if your comfortable/confident enough to show off your assets in a respectable way then go for it. Just neither needs to go out showing it all for everyone to see.