If a guy flirts with me and I become nervous and drop eye contact, how will he interpret it?

Every time this guy made direct eye contact with me or smiled, I got nervous and looked down because I was really intimidated by him for a list of reasons. I know I screwed up, but if he was really interested, would he have pursued me anyway or interpreted me as not interested?


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  • he probably wants you to talk to him on your own terms at your own pace.. he knows your shy so he will let you decide when you tough it out and decide to talk to him the first time

    • Thanks! I'll work on it. Also- can most guys really pick up nervous vibes off a girl? Just curious.


    • Im not sure if most guys can.. but I can usually pick it up only when I first see them.. after that if I don't feel a vibe after our eyes first meet then nothing will probably happen.. but that's just my opinion

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