Do you empathize for the NEGATIVES that good-looking people endure?

I asked a question many months ago, about the negatives of being physically attractive.

I got a lot of feedback on it (prolly one of my most popular questions ever asked).

To follow up on that theme, I'm curious as to what people actually feel about those people (or yourself if you consider yourself "attractive").

Some of the negatives that people said were:

-JEALOUSY (and the result of unwarranted hatred towards that person)

-ppl assuming you're a bitch or a-hole

-difficult to make hetero friends of the opposite gender w/o them eventually "wanting more"

-the guy on 1st impression is presumed to be a "player" cauz he has "so many options"

-girls get spiteful at this female for no reason at all (jealousy, "she's gonna steal my bf", etc)

-her looks can work AGAINST her in getting a job if the interviewer is female

-stalkers and creepers galore (females can be this way, too

-harassment galore (especially to the girls)

-ppl wanting to be your "friend" just because your looks will "raise their status"

-overall being viewed more as a "trophy", than an actual person when it comes to dating

-people belittling your problems in life because that person somehow thinks "vanity solves all of life's problems"


With that being said, yes there are definite perks for being good-looking as well.

My ? you emphatize for the NEGATIVES that these people go through, or are the perks of looking good so vast that you feel no sympathy for these ppl's drawbacks listed above?

Please vote and reply, using examples.

Thanks for your insight. :)

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  • There are a lot of negatives, not only for REALLY attractive people, but for the middle-of-the-road attractive people. I lost ALL my guy friends when I got married because my guy was crazy jealous (actually tossed the TV out when my college buddy (actor turned DK model) appeared on the Actor's Studio). Now that I'm divorced and catching up with my old friends from college, they're married/committed and their wives/GFs absolutely hate for them to spend any amount of time around me once we've been introduced. Now let me just say that NOTHING ever happened between me and any of the college guys. I wasn't ready or thinking in that direction back then. Anyway, these girls are crazy to be jealous -- most of them are MUCH, MUCH prettier than me -- but when we all meet up and the guys smile and say I look the same as I did in college, the girls start fidgeting and making excuses to get up, plaster themselves to their guy, etc. I just laugh it off because it's not like I'm interested, but I don't really get to keep my close friends, which is sad.

    Yes, there are a lot of predatory stalkers, players who try to get you down so they can feel better about themselves, and people who think you're brainless/helpless just because you've got a nice figure and your hair's done.

    It is what it is...You can't change people, and you can't be less than who you are...


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  • I feel bad for anyone who goes through negatives issues. even people who are incapable of empathy :p just because you're privileged in one way, it doesn't mean you don't experience bad things in your life or that you are somehow not eligible for sympathy.

    but there is a line I draw; I can only feel a certain amount of empathy for some things.

  • No, I don't feel bad for them at all. I am sure that their attractiveness has some drawbacks but what about all the advantages? They can go into some establishments and get stuff for free or don't have to pay. In an office environment, guys will flock to work with a pretty female or take the burden of work off her. They tend to have a clear say in who he/she wants to date because guys/girls may be falling at his/her feet. In school or college, they tend to be popular, part of the in-crowd and teachers love them. It's very easy for them to earn an "A" while the rest of us bust our ass to really earn it. The list goes on and on. I am not saying I dislike very attractive people, I am saying they have it much easier than the average person in this life.

  • They have more ups in their life than downs.

    Either way, life is hard.

  • Of course I do. Maybe it's my empathetic nature or my ease of understanding others, but I feel for them. Especially in this case, where there is judgement based on simply the way someone looks.


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