What are the reasons for my extremely itchy scalp?

I wash my hair every day and use only organic hair products.Yet my scalp itches every day and I keep scratching.Someone ever told me it's because the pores in my scalp are blocked.Is it true,what causes it and what should I do?

I had seen a general practitioner before for this problem.He gave me some medication which worked but once I finished the medication,the itch came back again.Would someone kindly help me with this if you have knowledge in this area?Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • You probably have a yeast infection on your scalp. I'm afraid these don't go away. We can only treat the infection, not cure it.

    There are something like 3 main causes for "dandruff" which have only really been discovered in the last 10 years, to be honest. One of which is this aggrevated form of dermatitis.

    It's why some people find Head and Shoulders works well enough, and others need medicated shampoos like T-Gel. They are actually manufactured to treat different causes of dandruff. (eg. Malassezia versus Psoriasis)

    Your doctor probably found out which one you were affected by, and gave you the right medication for it. That's why it worked.

    Stop looking for natural organic product solutions to this problem. Go back to your GP, and pay attention this time to the details of his findings and treatment.

    • Wow,thanks a lot!What you said really makes sense since I also have yeast infection in my vagina once a year which goes away as soon as medication is inserted into it.But this itchy scalp problem has been there for 2 years and never goes away.I am a very hygienic person. :( Do you happen to know what cause yeast infection on the scalp?Is it due to a weak immune system?Because I read in a medical article that yeast infection in the vagina could be due to a weak immune system?I have no dandruff.

    • I wouldn't be able to say, since I don't have your medical records in front of me.

      But your GP obviously does, since he gave you treatment that worked.

      Go talk to him.

    • Ok,thanks a lot!

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  • You could have scalp psoriasis or maybe dermatitus.Work with your doctor some more on the problem or get referred to a dermatologist if your doctor thinks it's needed.


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