How do you handle having better looking friends?

I feel stupid asking this question but I think it is honestly the biggest problem in my dating life aside from the fact that I don't go out enough. I am 5'11" with a slightly impressive athletic body but all of my buddies are like 6'4" and look bigger than me. I also have average facial features but my buddies all have attractive features like good chins, exotic eyes, etc. When we go out I will bring along women I have just met. I will catch them scoping out my boys and it makes me jealous but I keep it to myself. Sometimes my boys will give straight up tell me the girl flirted with them when I wasn't around. Then when the women tell me they aren't interested in me they will say stuff like "tell Dan it was nice meeting him". When we go out it is hard to get girls I like to talk to me since my buddies are towering over them working on them too. I can flirt with women but being really aggressive is not my usual style. How do you all deal with problems like this? How do you get people to stop using you as a gateway to a better looking model?


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  • Why don't you just go out on your own and look for girls to speak with?

    When you establish something meaningful with a girl then introduce her to your buddies.

    If all it takes is for a girl to see another attractive face to become dis-interested in you,

    then she never really liked you in the first place.

    I know it hurts, but trust me you are better off not having someone like that around.

    • Ya I know you are completely right but part of me wishes I could enjoy talking to women when I go out with my buddies but usually I can't. It does really suck. I have success getting dates on my own but I just haven't gotten anything meaningful yet.

    • You can still have a great time. Just let your confidence shine through. If the girls want to be that way, then they aren't worth your time.

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  • Looks are what attract you to someone, but it's personality that will hold the interest. Be funny. That always works. Just believe that you're the hottest one out of your friends... and you will act more confident. Confidence is sexy. But do it without being cocky or a douche. Just remember: FUNNY.


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  • Just go out on your own. Even if they weren't better looking, they are still competition. You gotta go solo.