What should a guy with lot of hair do?

most girls prefer little hairy naturally or smooth naturally ..,but what should a guy do if he is very hairy on his body?

Girls please tell what do you want and prefer?

Should he wax?


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  • Dude I understand this question is addressed to women but please let me tell you something. Today, the 'fashion' industry is dominated by either women or homosexual men, who both dictate us what's trendy or not. Although there's nothing wrong with that, no heterosexual man should be influenced to do anything effeminate, that takes his masculinity away just because some people find it unfit.

    Hairlessness is a woman's characteristic just as it has always been, In the most natural sense. Today's so called metro sexual is increasingly becoming a complete woman, and I don't know about you but I don't want to be one of them.

    Hair should only be trimmed for two purposes, grooming and hygiene. NOT for being 'liked'.

    If you feel very sweaty due to it, you have the justifiability of trimming it with a scissor (chest, legs). Underarms, pubic hair should IMO be completed removed due to hygiene. Other than that, be proud of it. It's a manly feature, and to hell with those retarded chicks who think men with body hair are unattractive.

    I know a lot many who strongly dislike men who shave/wax off their body hair.

    • hmm great answer dude. But everyone saying trim. But I trimmed my chest and stomach once and it was so pricky , itchy . It was uncomfortable for me you know. And I also have very hairy arms , even some on shoulders too. :-(

    • Hairy arms = Perfectly alright. I wish mine were hairier! :P

      Chest or stomach, don't trim them or shave them so short that they itch. Just the edges. I am almost hairless in that regard but I can tell. It should be either no hair (waxing/plucking for sensitive skin regions, razor or shaving machine for more rough skin like face)

    • OR just trim the edge with a scissor such that it doesn't feel or look as thick. It will make you less sweaty. Trust me, waxing leads to all sorts of issues, especially irritation and ingrown hair. More importantly, wear comfortable clothes, deodorant and talcum powder to protect your skin from itching. There are lots of articles on hair care for men on the internet. Look them up, but my point, I wanted to ensure you at least acknowledge.

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  • I wouldn't wax..that's too extreme! In my opinion, most the girls I know like of body hair on a man, however, it should be neat and clean, no matter how much of it there is. For example, you can trim it and as long as it's not dripping with sweat and all matted or whatever then it shouldn't matter, cut it yourself, experiment with length and you'll find something that works for you.

  • i like a little bit of hair. I think you should just trim. like a take a razor and trim it but don't cut it to close.

    but of course it all depends on your preference. if you don't like your hair waxing is definitely an option and the most effective. wax once and it shouldn't come back for a while, unlike shaving. I recommend "sugaring". I've tried it myself and I find that it hurts less that actual waxing. the best part is that you can make the sugar wax yourself and it's very inexpensive. look it up on YouTube.

  • shave or wax it. but if you shave just make sure to do it regularly or else you'll have stubble everywhere that just scratches :P


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