Wat are some hings girls find attractive in guys?

Like hair,clothes, general style, personality, how can you maximize the qualities you have.


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  • I like well spoken educated funny and talented guys.

    I don't have a particular look I go for. I just scan for a big bright smile...thick eyebrows...and nice jawline.

    When it comes to style..they can wear what ever looks good on them..so far it is clean and not sloppy or ridiculous.

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  • I like beards, not long, but so I can stroke his cheeks and chin gently.

    When he offers his jacked, opens car doors, other gentlemanly things.

    Compliments, especially my eyes and smile :)

    He has to be taller than me.

    I don't like back-hair, that's nasty, but ALL other hair is A-OK.

    When he has the same interests as I.

    He has to smile and laugh and have a good sense of humor.

    Relaxed but can get pumped up about things I'm excited about.

    I like when men wear shirts.

    I want him to care about me and show that he does.

    Tell me he loves me and hug me too.

    Yeah, this is basically a description of my boyfriend :)

  • Actions

    Offer a girl your jacket, open doors for us, not being able to hide your smile when you see us.


    Intelligence and a wicked sense of humor


    Personally I need a tall guy, and nice arms in a tee from playing sport rather than hours in the gym.

    • I'm sry but playing sports does not make your arms nice and big. Might make your arms actually stronger depending on sport (not talking size at all) but in order to have big arms you have to go to gym and workout.

    • I don't go to the gym and I still have toned arms from living on a farm and riding. I didn't say playing sport gave you "big" arms, I like the tone your body gets from playing sport like rugby. But thank-you for clearing that up for me.

  • A genuine and sweet smile.

  • Humor is very attractive to me. It can make someone cuter for sure.


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