Why are girls nowadays dressing like sluts and taking pictures like one?

This is a question for you to answer. I realize nowadays many girls dress in short mini skirts and take pictures like sluts or show a lot of their cleavage and pose like porn stars. can anybody tell me why they do something like that? I think they just wanna be famous, or get guys attention(but that way? sounds the wrong way), or be in the trend of what other girls are doing as well?, or many girls say "confident of ownself"(which I think it's a stupid way of excuse).


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  • Well we have the media to thank for that. The majority of the girls shown on tv are wearing short dresses, skirts and shorts with tight, low cute shirts that show their stomach. When I go shopping those outfits are in the stores available to all to purchase. When these girls see the chicks on tv wearing these outfits and dating cute guys and then they see the same outfits at the mall, what's to stop them from thinking the same could happen to them? Also these girls think that it's cool to be able to get the attention of guys regardless of age because it makes them feel important or wanted. It's a sad and sick reality but that's how it is.

    • Yes it's a damn sad reality..and yea it is how it is. but it's also up to the girls to think for themselves. guys who dress like gangsters just wanna be like them. it's best to dress smartly. girls though I have nothing much to say already as you have said most of it clearly. it's a sad reality for the girls.

    • These young girls aren't mature enough to see the what's in store for them if they continue to act and dress like the celebrities. It's really up to the parents to have a firm grip on their children and make it a priority to be in their lifes and have control over what they're watching and how they're dressing. Kids these days need parents not friends, they need someone to tell them that's it's not always cool to be like the celebrities. They need to be their children's role models..

    • Yeah I so totally agree with you..you give a very good point. I was just talking to a friend(a girl)and she said she wants to wear micro mini skirt but her parents doesn't let which I think it's good that her parents are conscious. she even asked me to buy for her. sad. untill someting bad happens to them then only they'll realize...

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  • How girls are shown in the media are partially to blame...but guys nowadays are the bigger factor.

    Like yeah, the famous girls that guys lust after are usually in skimpy clothes or act without class, and let's be honest, what girl DOESN'T wanna be lusted after by hordes of men?

    If a girl doesn't dress in overly revealing clothing or act like a slut and give it up to any guy that asks her to, most guys ignore her and become rude to her just because she has some respect for herself.

    Sadly, most girls now will sacrifice themselves just to be wanted and accepted by guys.

    And to the girls who say they're being "confident"?

    Tell them REAL confidence is KNOWING you're sexy without having to show your entire body and having enough respect and love for your body and mind to not let some guy show up, use it, and dispose of it without even giving a sh*t about you the day after.

    I just got outta high school not too long ago and I saw this epidemic everywhere...so you basically got this from the source. haha

    Hope that gave some insight to your curiousity.


    • Some girls painfully discover that, all said and done, looks are only the foot in the door with guys. Hot mannicans (who are high maintenance) are NOT dream girlfriends.

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    • Yeah...sadly most girls won't figure this out until its wayyyyy too late for it to even matter anymore :/

    • Hahaha..yeah till it's too late and gone. what a way of life.

  • They do it to get the attention of guys. A lot of them think they look "cute" not slutty. It must be working for them because they have a lot of guys hanging all over them. I could never dress like that. Too self conscience. I dress conservatively and guys don't even acknowledge my presence. Yea, I'm a little bit bitter.

    • That's so true! It's such a shame...

    • Haha...no worries I support you in dressing conservatively..proves you're not dumb. I saw this girl who viewed me and she dressed and took a pic of herself in a way to show her bra and breasts.. sad case for her. for me, guys hanging around girls who dress like that have one thing on their mind and my mind as well, sex.

    • Yea pretty much lol

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  • If they are actually girls who are very sexual and looking for sexual men, then it seems like good communication.

    If they're just trying to increase the amount of attention they get from guys and aren't actually interested in sex, that's just lame. They're using it as a gimmick. Girls who say "just because I dress this way doesn't make me a slut" irk me; they have the power to choose their own wardrobe. I'm not going to dress like a gangster/thug and then be naive if someone thinks I'm trying to project the real thing.

    It could also be that they think dressing a certain way is what it means to be a desireable girl. There are some crappy role models these days. For example, consider "the brats"--the slutty version barbie dolls for little girls.

    • Haha...so agree with you man..yeah I have to take the slutty version of barbie dolls very very true man. I was watching cartoon and I saw Powerpuff girls Z( a different type from the first) and they were dressed wearing micro mini skirts. I just don't understand that this is a kids show, why dress them up like that? it really affects the thinking of kids at even such an early age. why do girls dress like that just for attention? it shows a "f*** me"sign.

  • I think you're wrong to make assumptions about girls from the way they dress. Fashions change all the time: in the late 60's and early 70's, almost all young women, and a fair few older women wore mini skirts. It was so normal that nobody assumed anything about their character. Look at portraits from bygone epochs, and you'll notice that showing lots of cleavage was often normal too!

    Also there's the question of personal taste. What you might consider slutty, could be considered attractive, elegant, sporty or glamourous by others.

    Ask yourself whether you may be predjudiced or whether you have sexist, chauvinistic attitudes, the next time you feel like labelling girls with offensive names like "sluts".

    • Haha..i am talking on generally. well I wouldn't know your level of the word slut, maybe it's on a different planet to do so. fashions? with the media and all, they portrait girls wearing like this and being famous. they have to wear like that. is that good? if it is for you, then good luck. those european channels have the girl dress up in very short dress and get flung by the guy live on tv as a game or someting like that and sadly she can't hide anything. if that's okay for u, then good luck

  • You're just a silly little boy! Go back to the playground and leave the girls alone!

  • Like I thought! You're ignorant and sexist!

    I pity the women in your life!

  • I think calling short skirts and cleavage slutty is a little prudish.