Guys...Do you like and/or miss panty lines?

How & When did panty lines get to be anathema? I grew up and spent many years of adulthood with panty lines and I bloody well hate it that females try so hard to hide them.. Someone said that Oprah Winfrey is reponsible for this bullsh* that true?

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  • Girls are the only ones who see anything wrong with panty lines. I don't get it.

    Panty lines all day everyday.


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What Girls Said 6

  • I won't ever wear a thong but I wear little boy shorts when I wear tight pants and you can never see anything. I don't think its a big deal to be honest. There was a girl that I used to work with and she weighed over 300 pounds and would wear thongs. She would bend down and you could see her thong. If your going to wear a thong then don't show it off cause it looks trashy. I also don't think that non-thongs undies should be called granny pants. I have super cute bikini type one's that are just as nice as thongs.

    • Well I totally you know...but still don't get to see panty lines! o.O

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    • @wavelenths. I hate it when guys call anything that isn't a thong or a bikini cut to be granny panties. Your not in the wrong at all and a real man would appreciate you and not your underwear. You can wear what you want and he had no right to call you out on something like that :)

    • Very True My Love...

  • i think its disgusting on some people :/

    its pretty nice when its just the line

    but its too much when it looks like her panties are gonna explode...either its too small or she's too fat :x

    • its pretty hot when you realize theyre wearing a thong

      im always the creeper that takes my time walking just so I can look at that ass ha ha it makes me smile :/

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    • but you see their butt jiggle every time they take a step! imaginee spanking thatt! D:

    • not a butt guy...I am totally into thighs...and I have always found that strap up her a$$ to be a turnoff...not really a wife never wears them...(:(:(:

  • I really don't see panty lines as a big deal! I don't know who comes up with these things to nitpick at when it comes to clothes/fashion.

  • I think the hate on visible panty lines is because the fabric of the material does not smooth out nicely over a woman's butt. And it's the idea of her being commando underneath the fabric. Should be a turn on for guys, not for you to be missing her underwear line.

    • yeah maybe...but I miss panty lines and I hate thongs...o.O

  • my husband likes that I wear thongs so he's never seen me with panty lines but he doesn't like granny panties much to begin with

  • My boyfriend and his 3 friends do not. I just asked

    • our 3 friends rather lol

    • They don't miss them? Or they do like them? Or they don't?

    • they don't like them

What Guys Said 4

  • Yeah, panty lines were pretty cool.

    • I have no idea why girls want to show us everything but their panty really sucks.../:/:

    • I agree, they need to come back. :\

  • i don't even notice or pay attention

  • Yeah panty lines rock

  • I like them because it means she's not wearing a thong or going commando.