Is there really something wrong with a girl who gets inspired by trends?

I read a question posted by a member and it kind of annoyed me.

I like getting inspired by their styles because I like the looks. I see nothing wrong with it, I don't see why you feel that it's pathetic. everyone is not some innovative master stylist who creates their own hairstyles out of thin air. you really think it speaks on someone's character because they choose to do their hair and makeup a certain way? It's interesting because usually girls who do this tend to be the better looking ones so I have to wonder if maybe this question was asked partly out of envy because girls like this are hotter than you? guys don't care if the girl looks good. I promise I have never heard a guy be disgusted because "ooh your hair looks too much like kim k and your makeup looks too much like demi lovato, ew I would never date you" come on. a hot girl is a hot girl and if the hot girl has a celeb inspired style you think its really gonna bother him? trust, what guys may tell you on here to placate your ego and make you feel better compared to other girls and what guys actually go for in real life are 2 different things.

Your thoughts?


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  • As far as just the pure looks go, I don't really give a damn. It's the fact that she spends that much time paying attention to pop culture that's the massive turnoff.


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  • I am totally agree with you...

    I answered the previous question too..if girls are comfortable with their style then guys will follow them...

    Just to add here...guys don't like OVER imitation...but as you said they won't say that they don't like a girl just because of it..

    Eventually a hot girl IS a hot girl...;)

  • I have no problem with it.


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