Do you let a girl get away with more if she's hot?

Like do you let her be more of a bitch? I'm always seeing dudes with super pretty girls that are total bitches. like not only mean to everyone but her boyfriend too. So guys do you allow a girl to act like that just because she's hot?


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  • No I actually judge them harsher in the personality/intelligence department

    cakefaces with the intelligence of a rock are not attractive

    • But what if she was a naturally beautiful woman? Hot =/ cake face and fake.

      I think that any guy who says "no" is lying. Same as girls in the reverse.

    • I haven't seen many girls who are naturally beautiful and no I'm not lying, hot girls with sh*tty personalities or dumb are not attractive

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  • Depends how hot the guy is and how many options he has. If a guy is insecure and is overweight and not so great looking he will accept the beating more from the girl than a hot guy. A hotter guy with more confidence and self dignity won't last as long as a out of shape insecure guy who will take it just to be with a hot girl because he knows he won't be able to get any better. All has to do with options mostly and how hot a person is.

  • I will let her get further away from me. Pissy attitudes start irritating me and I already am not the biggest fan of people.

    So no, a hot girl must still act like she's a reasonable person otherwise I dislike her.

  • nope, if she's cute and a bitch to me ill dump her and find someone new.

  • Hot girls will definitely get more leeway than less hot ones. But that may not last very long.


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