Has anyone here tried using diluted white vinegar to wash your hair?

I read from an Internet article that using DILUTED white vinegar to wash the hair helps to stop the scalp from being itchy and it also removes all chemicals from the hair thoroughly and keeps it shiny.Is it true? Someone even told me that vinegar kills all the headlice on your head if you wrap your head with a towel soaked with UNdiluted vinegar.Lol.Is it true?Kindly share your experiences or provide links if you have any.Thanks a lot!


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  • hi, yes I've tried it it makes your hair shinier. its good for dull and weigh down hair like mine due to frequent washing and constant application of hair chemicals. the vinegar washes off the residue left in the hair.. just don't do it frequently though because it can lead to hair dryness. just very little amt will do. now when it comes to dandruff and headlice much better if for instance you have it to see a dermatologist they will prescribed you certain treatments for that. :)


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