I look older than I am..?

I'm 16, and I can easily get served alcohol without ID. I'm from the UK, and if you don't have ID you have to look over 21. When I'm with friends my own age, I also get asked "Why are you hanging around with your little sister?" Although many people would see this as a good thing, I don't, because, will this mean I will age quicker?

and also,

I never get any male attention from guys my age, they're all 18/19+, which is pretty annoying for me, as my parents' have forbid me from seeing anyone over 18. Which means I'm finding it really hard right now, has anyone got any tips as to how I could look younger?


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  • I think at your age, the fact that you look older doesn't mean you're showing signs of aging obviously (Like wrinkles, poor skin etc). You are probably just more "mature" looking which can be a good thing. Shorter hair cuts tend to make you look younger. Less make up. Dressing your age as well. I look my age but I have a friend who looks 5 years younger then me so I know where you're coming from.

  • I'm 16 and from Ireland and have the exact same problem! It's really annoying. Although the attention from older guys is flattering it can be weird at the same time. And generally when they find out what age I actually am they lose a bit of interest aswell. So it's hard to win. Generally if your out with mates though just kinda make it clear to the guys you meet that your the same age as your friends. And maybe just light make-up during the day and don't put your clevage on show. Other than that though I don't really know what else you can do. Just try not to let it bother you, others will catch up and until then at least it works to your avantage getting served!