Guys, who is more attractive to you usually: tall women or short women?

Which do you find to be sexier on average?

Short women - 5'4 and under

Medium Height women - 5'5 - 5'7

Tall women - 5'8 and up

Do you have a tendency to go for girls of a certain height in relationships?

And tell how tall you are yourself


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  • I'm 5'10", and I do have a mild preference for petite girls, but I've dated girls of all sizes, including one who was 6', so it really comes down to personality. I think most guys prefer girls shorter than they are, but I know a few who really like and prefer tall girls.


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  • I'm 6'3. wife is 5'8" or so. I think of her as medium height.

    Short women I find kind of sexy because of the size imbalance between us.

    Tall women tend to have better legs.

    Medium are in the middle.

    I guess my perfect woman would be short, but there are advantages to all heights, and I don't care as strongly about height as I do about a lot of other things.

  • I welcome all girls

    Short girls are welcome along with average and tall.

    I'm not going to fuss about something trivial.

    But if I absolutely had to pick.

    I would tall girls because they are unique :)

    You don't see too many tall girls who are proud to be tall

    P.s. I am 6 foot plus.

  • The average woman is 5'3" so I guess 60% of women are short?

    Anyways, my height range is 3'4" to 7'6" of who I'd date. But as weird as it sounds, I have a slight preference for girls that are between 6'2" and 6'4" (give or take an inch), and yes, that would make them taller than me since I'm 6'0".

    However, it's not much of a factor. I haven't dated any girls in my ideal height range yet so that shows how minimally important it is.

  • I look at the woman I do not look at their height I would be happy with any woman any size or shape if I really love her and I was really attracted to her

  • am 6'0 and I would go for a tall women or medium women

  • I am Equal Opportunity with regards to height...I can deal with just about of my best gfs was 6'1" wife is 5'4"...(:(:(:


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  • An attractive girl is an attractive girl no matter her height

    • well height is kind of a huge part of the way you look though lol but I hear you

    • true

      from my experience guys tend to prefer short girls but I mean, tall girls still exist so obviously someone continues to reproduce. And models like Adriana and Gisele are married