Is my fiance a homophobe?

My fiance won't let my friend come to our wedding because she's a lesbian. She says The Dike (that's what she calls her when my friend isn't around) will eye up all the bridesmaids and also she doesn't want her to come because there going to be a lot of little kids (like 1-5) and she doesn't want to scar them. She always had a problem with my friend even when we were dating. I think its quite disrespectful I mean I'm letting her guy friend come and he's bi. Any ideas?


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  • Yeah, that's pretty unfair. She needs to be more reasonable, especially if her bi friend will be attending. It doesn't bode well for the marriage if she is this unwilling to compromise. Also, kids that young are incredibly resilient and it's pretty impossible to scar them for life.


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  • ok you gotta tell your dyke friend not

    to go to the wedding dressed like a dyke

    like if she goes in a tux instead of a dress

    it would be like ok, wtf? (... but maybe shes

    a regular looking dyke...w/e)

    anyways just be like why not? your bi friend

    is gonna be checking out the best man and

    all the other guys in the party. tell her he girl

    has been your friend and it would be really

    f***ed up if your friend isn't invited to the wedding

    because your girl is a two-face (and I say 2face

    cause you said she calls your friend a

    dyke when she's not around, meaning

    they engage in conversation at one point)