Piercings! Who has a tragus?

And how much did it cost you and hurt? I know it has to be specially done and all, so would the cost run too much more? Because I'm going to get it done next weekend hopefully.


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  • I don't a tragus piercing, but I think they are cute on girls. You should definetely get it! What piercings do you have? I'm curious so I can relate the pain to something else you have gotten. I have pierced my cartilage before so I do have piercing experiences. I will gladly answer the question from what I know.

    • I have my lobe and helix done.. I think it's called? I love them though. My other cartilage didn't hurt. I thought the Tragus might though because the cartilage is thicker?

    • It should hurt more than your helix and your cartilage piercing. The pain should be about the same.

  • It should not hurt at anymore is what I meant to type.


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