PHYSICALLY what qualities can't be compromised?

What physical qualities must someone have to make them attractive to you? OR what physical features are an automatic no-go?

I'm asking for both Guys and Girls- just curious :P

Personally guys I hate excessive body hair (like if you take off your shirt and I then mistake you for sasquatch=no-go), and gross teeth. They don’t have to be perfect, but if I can visibly see gunk and cavities hecks no you're not smooching me!


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  • HOPEFULLY they'll have all their front teeth, I wouldn't want to compromise on that... but I could? I really wouldn't want to! Get some fake ones!

    No beer belly, absolute nono (fat belly is okay, but like the one that really protrudes from beer..ack - like if it was a relatively skinny/average guy, if he was fat all over, wouldn't mind as much [it's all about proportion!]).

    No long beards... no mustashes unless it's like the really short shaven kind.

    What I like and what stands out for me are:

    Broad shoulders

    Strong/muscular back

    Muscular shoulders, arms, thighs and butt! teehehe <3

    I really don't give a faq about abs. It's nice if you have them but it's not attractive to have them or not have them.

    • Oh I forgot, if he's shorter than me = no go

      If he's around my height I wouldn't like it either but I would probably still date him because personality/character/morals/beliefs > physical attributes (except shorter than me LOL).

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  • I'd say she can't be too large for me, body wise. I'm tall but not a massive guy.

  • She's got to have:

    a great smile

    nice teeth

    beautiful eyes

    somewhat of a nice body

  • I like slender girls

  • -too skinny or too fat, a healthy body weight.

    -Bad teeth or missing teeth

  • Obesity

  • Beautiful eyes- blue/green usually. I've seen few with brown that I found very attractive.

    I prefer European girls. *NOTE: Turks/Muslims aren't white,nor are jewish peoples-for those who argue other wise*

    Brunnette, or Blonde.

    No olive skin complexion

    After this it just falls in lines of how well they take care of themselves etc.

    I don't deal the cellulite and jelly roles. If they do happen to be naturally bigger (no jelly roles, and are in shape).

    No anorexics either.

    They dont' have to be models, but I don't do anything in excess.

    No body builders, If I wanted to date a guy, I would.

    • What's wrong with olive skin complexion? I always want to have one

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    • Also, don't even get me started on the bone structure of the slavik ,celtic, and germanic peoples. The Y DNA strands as well. R1a, R1b,I1a etc.(different variants).

  • If she's obese, it's a no go.

    That's really about it.


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  • Automatic no-go

    1. Overweight/obese guys

    2. Guys that are too muscular.

    3. Beards

    4. Bad teeth

    5. Monobrow

    that's all I can think of right now

  • - Bad hygiene; greasy hair, skanky teeth, BO, etc

    - Being shorter than me.

    - Really obese.. I don't mind a bit skinny, or a bit chubby, but when it's like you need an extra seat to go somewhere, you really should stop eating 28 MacDonalds for lunch.

  • I'm pretty tall so I like tall men because I like to wear shoes with heels.

    Definitely a pretty face with a nice, charming smile that melts my heart instantly. Sorry, can't do obese. His physical proportion has to be attributed to the rest of his body...

  • Automatic no go's:


    Dumber than a box of rocks

    Bad hygiene


    I don't like excessive body hair either but I see that as something that can be compromised because it can be trimmed and all. And I'm sure there's more but I can't think of them at the moment so..oh well.(:

  • Can't compromise: broad shoulders, some muscle mass, taller than me and a defined jawline.

    no go's: beer belly, currently into drugs, bad hygeine etc.

  • 1. Have abs or are fit

    2. A nice smile

    3. Nice eyes

    Deal Breakers are bad hygiene, too long of hair, and if they are too tall

  • The face--- I MUST S O M E H O W find it attractive--- they need to have a brain to( I don't dig miniquens).

  • Teeth, they don't have to be perfect just not be filled with cavitys&yellow teeth, and I'm obsessed with blue eyes :) mmm

  • Poor hygiene, shorter than me, bad teeth, body hair, and gross nails/feet.

  • I'm going to add some non-physical stuff in too but some of the things that I can't compromise in guys are...

    *Bad Hygiene

    *Missing teeth or bad teeth


    *Drug users


    *Overweight guys

    *Rail thin guys


    *Excessive body hair


    *Really grotesque facial features

    *Emo/scene types


    *College prep boys


    • 'rail thin' 'overweight'


    • Okay I will use the correct technical name then. I prefer Mesomorph body types. I guess I'm okay with other body types as long as they don't lean drastically to either side of the scale.

    • Oooh, love that website though. I always like finding new stuff for fitness.

  • moobs