The eyes are the window to the soul, really?

OK, a friend of mine asked me for advice on something very unique. Usually, I have great advice to give my friends, but this time I was sort of stumped (which is rare). She tells me that when guys look into her eyes they smile, seem amused, or even seem to be turned on. She says that even guys who seemed uninterested, gaze into her eyes, suddenly they start to persue her after lingering eye contact.

When I look at my friend, her eyes just look regular to me, but then I'm a girl. So I told her maybe she was being sensitive and over analytical. but truthfully, I don't know. So, my question is, what are they seeing that makes them get excited? I don't believe in a hypnotic gazes, but, I just don't know what to make of her experience. Maybe she's throwing out signals unintentionally? I asked her if she was flirting with these guys when this happened and she said no. I wanted to ask some of our mutual friends, but I thought not of it, bcs I didn't want it to turn into a gossip fest. She's a happy nice person--maybe a little edgy, but overall just a cool friend.

So why is this happening. What is it that you'd see in a girl's eyes that would make you amused, interested or even be a turn on? Thanks in advance.


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  • It's true! It helps if the girl has big pretty eyes! Men are visual creatures. If you have a certain twinkle or look/stare in your eyes that shows a certain warmness, comfort, or seduction PLUS a killer smile you'll draw in guys like a moth to a flame! It's kind hard to describe. Some girls just have that look.

    It's also all about communication and paying attention. I think a lot of young people now forgot how to look at someone's eyes when they're talking to each other. You can tell when someone is being genuine, lying, or attracted to you just by focusing your attention on their eyes. It's about establishing a connection on an emotional level and showing interest.

    • Thanks, your answer is really good. you explain things well. this helps a lot.

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  • Deep eye contact (locking eyes) with the correct person is a form of communication that transcends words. It's a very emotional, profound feeling to stare deeply into the eyes of someone you're attracted to. This is evident in the animal world. When two animals are mating OR when two animals are fighting, there is intense eye contact, it's very instinctual. When a woman I love looks into my eyes, it's like she's reaching in and grabbing my soul. That's the best I can describe it haha.

    • I suppose...but, according to my friend, she's not trying to communicate anything. I'm just not sure what they are seeing in her eyes. I mean, I've just never heard of this before, so its hard for me to understand...

    • It's difficult unless you've actually done it. Haven't you ever locked eyes with a guy you saw and he held his gaze without giving the stalker look?

    • yes, but that if you're trying to... according to her, she's just looking randomly. so... but tks.

  • The eyes are part of our brain. They are an extension of the brain and covered by the same dura, arachnoid and pia mater that our brain is covered with. If we are tired, drunk, horny, happy, sad, high, depressed,.. it all shows in our eyes. You just have to know what to look for.

    • so what would that say about my friend?

    • that she probably has contact lenses with the outline of breasts in her eyes.

    • lol

  • I think that eyes are the Windows to the Soul in most instances...but some people have no "soul"...o.O

    • not so sure what you mean here...

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    • I mean that for some people, the Windows of the Soul look in upon an empty room...(:(:(:

    • Got it!

  • Just be careful of broken windows

    • not really sure what that means...

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