Does anybody here have a mom who's more attractive than you?

I don't exactly feel comfortable admitting this, but sometimes I feel inferior or even uglier when I'm out in public with my mom. I see how people are fawning all over her, and she gets a lot of random smiles in public. what stumps me is that I've never really received that kind of attention, only occasionally, but not every time I went out.

I am trying my best not to hold a grudge because of this. After all, she is my dear mother who loves and cares for me unconditionally and has done so much for me.

I should feel happy for her, and I am trying my best to do that.

Any girls have moms that feel are more attractive than you?

How do you feel about it, honestly:/?


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  • Well I think her face looks nicer and she looks young for her age - still obviously not as young looking as me.

    She gets a lot of compliments and I don't but... there could be a whole lot of reasons why so it's alright. But yeah, sometimes I feel a bit down that I feel like I don't measure up sometimes LOL in terms of 'popularity'? Pretty bad explanation but I guess you get what I mean.

    It would just be like any other girl looking more attractive than me, no biggy. It's just that with a mom you think... why can't I be just like her or better? It's alright! Don't think about it too much, you are you!

    Sometimes they get more compliments for the pure fact that they are older and people want to be nicer to them. Even to the point where they say things like.. ohh.. you two are sisters?

    Guys find a lot of women attractive these days, the boundary lines are blurred so yeah, more competition out there for more age groups!

    • yea it's pretty sad. what's even worse is how my mom pushes it in my face how so many people approach her to be friends with her and how this "brad pitt look alike" said something random to her while she was walking down a sidewalk...i'd feel better if she were more modest.

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    • Do you have a sister? It might be easier to talk to her about it since she might be going through a similar thing.. that's what I did to cope. My mum also says things about my clothes when she really shouldn't be... Just need to disregard it most of the time. :x

    • Yea, I have a little sister... She's more close to my mom than I am. She tells me though that she gets a feeling somtimes that my mom usually favors the males in our family and she might be prone to jealousy... What's more worse than having a narcissistic mom?

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  • unless your grossly over weight or something I'm betting its because your mom is more mature and comfortable in her skin that makes her seem more attractive, as you grow up a bit you'll likely be more attractive then her simply because you are younger.

    • no, I'm not overweight, but my mom is a bit shorter and slender than me...she works out even more than me! lol. I probably should be ashamed of that.

  • Why don't you talk to her about this and see how she feels?

    • i can't it's too uncomfortable of a topic

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    • Ok, well if I were to open up to my mother, what would I really say..."mom, I'm kinda depressed/ angry because you 're a hell a lot more prettier than me! It bothers me, more so because you're twice my age, but getting more attention from the guys than me!..." I mean I don't think that sounds

    • You don't have to say it like that.

      You could say "Hey Mom, can I talk to you for a sec? Have you noticed that when we go out; guys give you more attention then they do me? Don't you think that's a bit weird/peculiar?

      And if you want to tell her how it makes you feel. (I would strongly recommend that). Say: "It kinda makes me feel angry, depressed, [and any other emotion you feel]"

      I hope it all works out! Any mature Mom should understand how her daughter feels!

      Good Luck! :)

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  • Electra Complex?

    So much of this stuff going on on here lately.

    • really? on GaG? I thought my Q was unique...

    • and I'm not really competing for my father's attention or

      it's just that sometimes, I get a bit too envious of the attention my mom is getting when she goes out in public, even though she is in her mid 40s.

      i know it's wrong. I try not to dwell on this problem so much.

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