Can I fix this at home, or do I need surgery?

So when I was younger I used to be a little on the heavy side. I've lost a decent amount of weight (with some more to come), but it's given me some bad stretch marks on my inner thigh's, and I feel like I have lose skin in my midsection. I know that my tummy isn't all skin, but I don't know if I'll be able to tighten everything up. Any suggestions for exercises? Or will I need to go in for surgical removal of excess skin anyway?


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  • for the scars, use Bio oil, this can really reduce stretch marks, as for the excess, you need to sort out a balanced diet, work out so your toning muscle, not just losing weight, slow down on the cardio side of things, just concentrate on weights, this will allow your body to revert back round your muscles, and toning is the best method for this, don't worry to much about ab exercises, just start lifting weights and increase the weight you lift every fortnight by 2 pounds, ie one kg and only increase if you can complete 12 reps, if 12 is to easy, then your not lifting enough weight, good luck, a good place to look is womans fitness, good luck,x


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  • I've heard that shea and cocoa butter creams are good for stretch marks.

    For the loose skin, maybe working out your abs?

    I'm really not sure. I bet there are natural ways or some kind of exercise to help.

    Research it. I think this happens after women get pregnant, so there should be some tips to help that. I'd do this before thinking of any kind of surgery. Good luck.

  • i would ask around before surgery if I were you, my mom had that surgery and they usually only do it if you have lost over half your weight and sometimes it is full paid by insurance but don't do surgery unless you absolutely have to. Sorry, I didn't answer all the questions