Question about men's belts.

I've been wanting to buy this belt for a while: (www)

I'll probably be wearing it like this: (www)

In that picture pay no attention to the shirt and sweater. I'm not plastering myself with this brand. Its only the belt. I like this belt because its a little more low key then some of the other similar one out there. But I understand that it is still pretty bold. That where you guys come in. What are your opinions? Do you like it? Hate it? If you don't like it, what would you prefer to see?


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  • It's no different than carrying around a green and red banded purse with big G's all over it. It's definitely too over the top for my taste because it screams "Look! I'm wearing gucci!", but I won't knock anyone who wants to wear it. I think a very well made belt without the brand's logo or signature colors would make a bigger statement, especially if the outfit is well put together. I like looking at people who are fashionable rather than free walking advertisements.

    • I really like your answer, but do you have any examples of well made belts?

    • Salvatore Ferragamo makes very nice leather belts made in Italy. The newer ones are reversible.

  • dont get me wrong I love guys who wear cool unique things.. and belts that have cool buckles I like... but honestly I just think that one looks kind of silly XP especially with that outfit...


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