Bleach blond haired girl, how to get people to veiw her better?

Like the title says, I'm wondering how I can get people to see my friend as the lovely girl she is, or to get her to feel more confident about herself.

this will sound like a bit of a ramble at first...

So people assume my friend is a slut bitch because of how she does her hair and makeup, yet her clothes are not bad or 'slutty' in any way but slightly rocker girl! And there is no way in hell she is a slut, quite the opposite actually. Basically she has dyed light blond hair and gets spray tans and wears heavy eye make up and she is absolutely gorgeous even without this stuff.

because of the whole 'bleached blond bitch' stereotype people assume things about her and bitch about her even though she is the nicest person you will ever meet, and that is not an exaduration. She is kind, loyal, caring, loud and crazy with me but shy around others.

because she is shy people mistake it thinking she doesn't want to speak to them, and boys to give her attention but her shyness means they don't stick around long after meeting her because of the same reason.

so how can I make people see the lovely sweet girl she is? And don't say change her appearance because she is absolutely beautiful, and if that's how she want to look then why can't she? It makes her happy. She wants to dye her hair a light pink as well, and that made me ask the question, if people view her bad as a blond, an extreme color like the won't help it.

also, would you think the same thing about a girl if you sore someone with that 'look' to them? The blond haired look I mean, and what do you think about girls with pink hair as well?


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  • from what I see.. she is very independent,both in personal and on the social level.. she does not want someone to boss her around or tether her to some,style,place,person,or anything for that matter ...guys tend to do that,and plus some... it is up to her... personally.. she needs to find a very independent outspoken guy who actually cares.. and to people who call her weird..ask them what normal is..(anything I did not go over just ask)


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  • Think about it like this... The people that judge her over her appearance before even speaking to her are a**holes that she doesn't need in her life anyway.