Best make up to wear when on television?

just found out today I will be on TV tomorrow morning...i know being on camera can really make you look washed out unless you have a lot of make up on...any tips?


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  • They'll probably be doing your makeup for you but just in case, here's my tips:

    Foundation is crucial! First off, prime your skin with the sort of primer that actually fills in your pores like Dr. Young's Pore Eraser Balm. Then, I suggest you use a foundation with very heavy coverage like the Makeup Forever HD foundation. You can even apply two foundations if you feel like just one isn't doing the job. You should probably go a shade darker because the studio lightning tends to wash people out so just make you sure you blend the foundation extremely well and apply it on your neck, chest and even ears. It is very, very important you use a mattifying setting powder because the shine of your skin will be accentuated by the heat of the lights. Makeup Forever Microfinish is a great pick. It's probably a good idea to bring some blotting paper with you too.

    Don't forget to conceal any imperfections you might have, you want your skin to look absolutely flawless. The MAC Studio Finish concealer is great for that. Use something like Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat for your undereye circles, you definitely wanna brighten them up because they will be more pronounced on camera.

    Warm up your complexion with a matte bronzer similar to the natural tone of your skin. I found that NARS Laguna or Benefit's Hoola works for most people. Also apply a highlighter on top of your cheekbones, on your cupid's bow and on your forehead a bit to get that nice glow and dimension to your face. Use a natural blush or just a blush in the color you think flatters you more.

    And that was just the face!

    You really wanna do your eyes too, but choose powder based products as those will hold up better under the heat of the lights. With the eyes, I recommend you play it safe and just do a darker version of your usual smokey eyes. One step you shouldn't skip when it comes to the eyes is fake lashes! They will instantly make you look so much better, trust me!

    Lastly, lips. I've heard that lipgloss isn't suited for television so just go with a highly moisturising lipstick that will give your lips a nice sheen, like the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte. Beware though, moisturising lipsticks aren't long lasting so you will find you have to touch up often. The color you go with highly depends on the colors you chose for your eyeshadow and blush but another tip is to stay away from lip colors with too much orange or blue undertones.

    Good luck and enjoy your time on the little screen!


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  • There will most likely be a makeup artist there to take care of it. I know that with photography, you want to avoid oily stuff. Powder on shiny parts helps keep you from looking nervous. These days it's not as bad but film can make you look flatter because it's recording onto a 2d media and flattens things, that's why people say the camera adds pounds. Wear dark clothes and highlight your cheekbones, and use less foundation than normal. Maybe don't even put it on until you know if there's a makeup artist or not. They're the real pros. You can also Google that. It really depends on the set too. If they're visiting your school don't worry about it much. If they're putting you on camera in an interview, they should have a makeup artist for you.


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  • Bronzer?

  • not sure about the skin products but make your lips and eyes, as well as eyebrows quite a bit darker than you do day to day as the strong lighting needed for television will definitely wash you out a bit.