How you look and affect how people bother with you

when you born unattractive looking with weight problem .it makes life hard to make people interested or even bother even know you alive .

i find it impossible to make friends and guys don't like me at all

so guys have labels for me

reject is one not worth knowing is another one

any woman in world but you

"don't get me wrong I like women just not you"

i hate you

when I was at school no girl would sit with me school or play with me .even acknowledged I am alive I was never invited any where no parties no school games I had girls who sat turn they away from me when they sitting me I sat with guy at school he sat in only half way in table not sit probery at all collage and sports it was same story no one wanted to know me and guys well I

did n;t exist to them they did not want to know I exited at all

they always me names buffalo jerk bitch so on.old woman etc

i was bullied a lot so I was shy and quiet I had weight problem and greasy hair fat face broken teeth turned eye I wore thick brown glasses I came from very bad house .i was attacked and stacked , cyber bulled ,verbal abused and insulted ,spit on,kicked,

called names, left of dead in the middle of no where ,left out in the rain , degraded awful bad treatment outcast at school

but a lot of this I made so mean shallow cruel people with no heart and a lot of scum bags they all have got away with it I am the one who has to play price

summary :

no freinds in my entire no Facebook friends no school freinds no collage freinds no sports

never ever had boyfriend never got my 1st kiss

i know I am sad and pathetic but I can't help .i have being counselling since I was 6 years old .

lads come on please help me please help me please
sorry what I am trying to say no one wants to know or make freinds and guys me all my life its all that what I am trying ot say


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  • I know how you feel.

    However, I don't think your problems are all about your looks.

    It's your negative experiences and insecurities that are giving you a hard time as well.

    I know this may be tough, but try and ask any confidants what physical attributes they think should be fixed to increase your chances. For example: if you're overweight work out, goofy glasses get contacts laser surgery or better looking glasses.

    If you find that in order to fix you're flaws you need more money, start working and try to ferry your money up with your flaws in mind.

    Obviously you have to work harder to be healthier and better looking because of your genetics, but it's better to work harder to fix them than to just do nothing and dwell on your problems.

    Try to find success in your life

  • I'm honestly not sure what you are looking for. Are you wanting advice? Or did you just want to get your story out there?

    • is there any one eles that help me please please please help me pleae

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