Do guys really like it when girls dress too revealing??

Because when I. See the way girls dress nowadays its like every guy wants to be with her. I don't. Dress like that but does it seem like they only want to date girls who show all of their body?


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  • The guys who only want the girls who show all their body are the guys who only want sex. guys who actually want a relationship date the girls who dress modestly.


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  • Too revealing is a little too broad to use. The amount of skin that a girl shows can tell her intentions for that night and the places she shows her skin. If she shows a lot of cleavage/ass hanging out, she is either seeking attention from the guys or expecting the hottest guy in the club to take her home and show her what's up. If she shows cleavage in more conservative way (Its obvious but still covers enough for the guy to wonder) then she may be expecting the guy to work some charm on her and possibly ask her out to civilized date with one on one attention. If there's no skin showing, either she has low self esteem, no intentions to be picked up at all, or is with her controlling bf/husband. I think showing cleavage is good in moderation, anything tight around the ass or a skirt is fair game but showing any is too slutty. I think shirts that show the whole back or some back are damn right sexy if she has nice skin with no extra hips/sides.

  • They're nice to look at but the real guys don't give them much respect.

    If you want guys to think sex when they see you and just want to use you for sex then dress however you like.

    Good luck

  • For a guy, there's no such thing as too revealing.


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