How to rock no make up around the guy I like? Tips/advice NEEDED

OK so usually on a day to day basis I don't wear makeup, at most I'd probably wear mascara and vaseline on my lips at most.

If I was to wear makeup I only really wear it on weekends if I'm going somewhere, (light coverage foundation, neutral eye shadow, blush etc) and since I've started seeing this guy and going out together I want to look pretty and feel confident around him.

He's seen me once or twice without it and to be honest I reckon he didn't even notice haha, honestly I don't have perfect skin, I don't really get pimples if anything I'd get red blemishes but if I take care of my skin well they aren't too bad.

Basically next time I see him I don't want to wear makeup, but I'd still like to bring focus to my eyes and lips without all the face makeup.

Any suggestions welcome

Btw: I have goldish/green/ambery eyes,dark hair and olive skin that tans easily but light at the moment due to living where the weather is constantly sh*t haha


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  • Well, first off even if you are a little nervous about those red "blemishes" if you have them. To be honest I find little imperfections really cute and I'm sure I'm not them only one. If you wear accessories that are the same shade as your eyes it'll bring them out. Not sure about lips though. Yes, I am a guy... Yes I am straight. ^_^


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