Where should I get a memorial tattoo?

well my dad and brother died and when I turn 18 I want to get a tattoo so I can have something remembering them they both loved the Boston red sox and well before my brother died he made a tattoo design up to have home plate saying r.i.p the logo B with a bat(now making it bats crossing since my brother died ) and the bats would have their initials. Now I think its going to be a medium size tattoo and I want it somewhere I can see it but my mom wants it somewhere it won't show on my wedding day and easy to cover up for work in the future I was thinking about getting it on my ankle but I don't know any suggestions?


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  • I think on your side like near your ribcage would be a good place. Somewhere like here would be good in my opinion. link

    • see I considered that but it wouldn't look good there on me at least

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    • true thanks haha

    • No problem.

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