I have been losing my looks since age 21, what to do?

At age 16 to 20 I was considered one the best looking guys in my school, all the girls liked me, after growing and reaching 21 years of age I sort of grew into my bad looks and my face was shaped differently and my noise got large. I still groom the same and dress the same but people just treat me differently and no women want to flirt with me anymore. Completely I lost my looks at age 26 I just noticed..People are mean too old creeps :(

maybe I need a new hair cut?


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  • If you are still grooming and dressing the same at 26 as you were at 16 to 20, then I think it's time to step it up a bit. Get a make over! Those are not just for women, you know. Get a new hair style, go to a really good hair salon & ask them how you should wear your hair. Maybe you'll need to grow it out. Ask if you'd look good with any kind of facial hair. Then, go shopping! Get a new look. Take someone "snazzy" with you for advice. Check out GQ & other mags for some ideas. Shop where you normally do not. Ask the sales people for advice. Start small & try things out.

    You probably are not dressing for who you are & your age. Try it...you'll like it! So will women. If you are not dressing your age or in style, they won't flirt with you.

    • i grromed well at 16 to 20, I looked older then ..

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    • I didn't say you didn't groom well. Just do something different, more age appropriate. Hopefully, you didn't dress like a 25 yo at 16.

    • we have a dress code in are area and its hip hop...intill your 40 lol

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  • I agree with DebiPie. Get your style vamped up and try a new look. With age comes a change of style. That and attitude plays a big factor in attractiveness. Besides, attractive qualities in High School compared to being 26 is a whole different animal.

    • I already have mad swag...

    • Who said Buckeyes & Wolverines can't agree? :D

    • hey! I'm from home of vitors Wolverines the big house!

  • But you're hotstudlovercupcake

    You can't be losing your looks!

    But guys tend to gain their looks as they get older while women lose them. Guys get more attractive with age

    • people tell I look 19 but never say I'm handsome anymore

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    • Aww, I'm sorry. I don't think it has anything to do with your appearance. Maybe they're just jerks

    • A town I jerks.

  • i reckon you should grow it out actually

    • i did and it looks ugly

  • what are you worrying about?there is always a girl waiting for u.


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