Tanning ... need advice please?

Back in my 20s I tanned the cr*p out of myself. I stopped doing it about 30 and then went in the opposite direction slathering on tons of SPF. I NEVER thought I'd be asking this but I'm SICK of trying the fake tan stuff and NONE of it working. Either it leaves patches or it completely washes off (especially on my legs) at my first shower.

So ... is there any safe tanning? I was thinking of only 15 minutes a week just to get a little bit of color. Are certain tanning beds better than others (I was consider the STANDUP machine as I feel I might get better coverage - and who wants to lay down in a bed that's been sweated on by other people). PLUS, I always found my back got darker because it was actually ON the bed.

PLEASE NOTE: I have several scars. I've heard that it is not good to get sun on a scar (that it can make it darker). Should I just find a way to cover them completely? ALSO, can I get a tan if I DO use an SPF when I go into a tanning bed?

Thank you.


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  • Try showering it on? Usually this lasts a week or more and goes on pretty evenly if you're careful.

    • I'm sorry, I don't understand what you're saying. I have found that when I shower the next day after using a fake tanner that most of the color washes away. So I'm thinking about doing REAL tanning again and want to know the pros and cons.

    • You've told us all the cons so far as I know! Try the shower again, some places are better than others!

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  • I wouldn't do it at all. The extensive use of tanning beds earlier in life may have caused skin damage to some degree. Best not to risk cancer or vitiligo.


    • Actually, that's the decision I came to. I'm going to just keep trying the fake tan stuff. I've meticulously avoided the sun for years now. I just wish I could find something that didn't require so much effort - and that looked good for more than 5 minutes.

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  • Dermatologists will tell you there is no safe tan, when you see a color change, that is sun damage.

    Tanning beds are the absolute worst, avoid them like the plague!

    If you want a good fake tan, just go get a spray tan professionally done.

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