Guys, do you prefer that your girlfriend wear makeup when you go out?

Say she looks better when she wears it. Would you prefer her to wear it every time you guys go out together?


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  • I keep a brown paper bag in the glove compartment just in case she forgets.


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  • If it makes her feel better about herself to look better, then sure she should wear it. Anything like that that makes her feel better or more confident is probably a good thing.

  • A little bit is always good. It would be nice if she mixed up the style every once in a while.


What Girls Said 1

  • LOL

    Guys on here don't like makeup :P They like a girl to be "natural." But those guys are often ugly or below average, aren't going to get answers from people who truly matter

    Do what looks good

    • so.. it's better if I don't share my opinion

      on this question? ^-^

    • not at all

      But I'm repeating the oh so outspoken opinion of guys on here. "I hate makeup" ladadadada "I prefer natural."

      Natural is good if the girl looks good, but I've never met so many homosexual, makeup loving guys in mah life

    • Aizou, please share. :)

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