Girl's opinions on men's shoes?

In school I've noticed girls sneaking in peeks at my shoes. Is this common? What kind of shoes do you like to see on guys? I own quite a wide variety. Nike, Lacoste, Creative Recreations, Dolce & Gabbana. Do you generally like those brands? I've actually never owned a pair of converse. What do you think of those? These are all sneakers. I own loafer and other formal and semi-formal footwear but this question is only about sneakers since I wear them like 99% of the time.


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  • For me, it's not so much the shoes that I notice but the whole look.

    As long as the shoes are paired well with the rest of the outfit, then I'm pretty impressed.

    However if the shoes are shabby, holey or paired with the wrong socks then that's just not my thing. Guys with a wide shoe range and a different loads of styles wouldn't be a problem though! Nothing wrong with a man with style.

  • There's nothing like a man in a pair of nice dress shoes or sperry's :) classy classy classy!


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