Tattoo Question, Any help would be greatly accepted!

As the title reads I have some tattoos, and I have a script on my left rib cage, I plan on getting my right ribs done and wasn't sure if I should go with another script of change it up.

Thinking if a script on both sides would kinda even things out, or if I should just go with something different.

Thank you for your time!


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  • I'd go for something different, I also have my ribs tattooed and for me personally, I don't really like the look of matching or even tattoos especially on a space as big as the rib cage, you've already got scroll on one side so I'd have something quite big about the same size as the script on the other side. I reckon it will look too crowded with two sides of script! Good luck and respect to you for getting scroll done on the ribs, much tougher than me haha.


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  • I don't see why not, it is your tattoo so you should have the best idea where you want it. So what you thinking of getting?

    • Well I want to do something different, but I want it to look even, because some tattoos I've seen look randomly placed and I want it to kinda even out, so I wasn't sure if I should go with another script or change it up.

    • Personally I would go with something else. Don't want your body to look like a list of quotes or something but that's me.

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