Is there a way to comment on a woman's figure without the PC people getting all over you?

These days it seems you have to pretend you don't notice the curves...

*These days, sorry, **** travel computer is useless.

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  • You say that she looks nice or that the outfit looks nice on her. That's politically correct and doesn't reek of sexual harassment if said at work.

    • You thik that won't get the PC crowd riled up?

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    • Well, it's a little safer, but still guys are on thin ice even with that comment!

    • Thanks for BA!

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  • Since when speaking your mind becomes PC? As long as your compliments are not overrated or inappropriated, I don't see the problematic here. Am I wrong?

    • Generally yes, you are wrong, unfortunately... we guys get into trouble for speaking our minds!

  • Probably because there's no need to point it out. Unless the person comes up to you and asks for your opinion, there's no reason to comment on their figure. How would you want people to act if there was a physical feature you were sensitive about?

    • I'mnot going to beputting her down! We're talkikng about compliments here.

    • Oh! Sorry, I misunderstood. XP Okay, so we're talking compliments. Do you think you could give me an example of when PC people have gotten riled up over a compliment? I can't think of one haha.

    • Except that we WANT to point it out. I mean, there's no need to say ANYTHING most of the time, unless there's a fire...should we just maintain silence then?

  • Say you like her outfit. What's PC?

    • PC is politically correct.

    • I think you'll find PC is not politically correct... it's form of social ostracism for expresing an questionable opinion.

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